That’s right, the Former Donut Junkie is considering taking the plunge and moving his blog to WordPress.  Why?  There have been so many of my LowCarb friends whose blog has been locked by Blogger due to its robot identifying their blog as a ‘Spam Blog’.  And besides being a pain to get it reviewed and unlocked, you end up with days or weeks of down time in the whole process.  Blogger claims that they’ve discovered a ‘bug’ in the spam searching robot and fixed it, but many are hestiant to buy their aplology once again.

In addition, I’ve read lots of positive comments from long term WordPress bloggers who seem to be pretty happy here.  So, even though I’ve imported a few of my older posts here, I wanted to create a new post just to get the overall feel of WP and see how it compares to Blogger.  The ‘Write Post’ layout seems clean and user friendly so far, but I have to create a few more posts just to fairly evaluate it.

One thing I have reservations about is the seemingly limited number of available themes and the inability to ‘import’ custom themes without additional cost.  However, it’s highly possible I’ve overlooked something and just simply don’t understand the whole ‘importing custom themes’ concept.  After all, I have been lumped into the ‘over 50 computer illiterate crowd’ a few times.  So I stand to be corrected as always.  Suggestions are certainly welcome and I’m certain you’ll see my theme change several times here while I play with what themes are available in an effort to find the one I’m most satisfied with.

I shall post again a little later.  I’m trying to educate myself on WP.  Maybe I just need to get my grandkids to show me around here and explain the technical stuff to me.  Ha-ha!  But partially true!

There Really is Life Without Donuts!

Ron, aka The Former Donut Junkie