One thing I really miss on low-carb is an occasional glass of cold milk, but an eight ounce glass of whole milk has 13 carbs, way too many during Induction or OWL [Ongoing Weight Loss] and even more than I’d care to consume during maintenance.  Granted, heavy whipping cream is allowed on low-carb and it has only 3 carbs/8oz but not many people care to drink a whole cup of heavy whipping cream.  In addition, heavy whipping cream has been known to cause weight loss stalls in some people.  So what’s a person to do when you get a craving for ‘something dairy’?  Well, I’ve discovered a product that satisfies my dairy craving and is extremely low-carb friendly.  It’s called Almond Breeze and it is produced by the Blue Diamond Almond Growers headquartered in Sacramento, California.

What is Almond Breeze? Here’s the description from the Almond Breeze website.

Almond Breeze® is a non-dairy beverage made from real almonds, all natural, smooth and creamy with a hint of almonds. Almond Breeze® is a great tasting non-dairy beverage without the thin, chalky after taste of rice and soy beverages.

Almond Breeze® won the 2004 Best Taste Award from the prestigious American Culinary Institute (ACI). ACI is an independent, chef based judging organization.

Enjoy Almond Breeze® chilled by the glass and on your cereal. You will love how it froths in coffee drinks, enhances fruit smoothies, and blends cup for cup in your favorite recipes.

Besides being lactose and gluten free, Almond Breeze® contains no cholesterol, animal ingredients or hormones, saturated fat, or added oils. Almond Breeze® is low in sodium and enriched with Calcium and Vitamins D and E, contains a high level of unique phytonutrients, and is a good source of Vitamin A.

Nutrition Information

Almond Breeze is available in Sweetened and Unsweetened versions.  My review is limited to the Unsweetened version. The Unsweetened version is available in 3 Flavors:  Original, Vanilla and Chocolate.  Eight ounces of the Original or Vanilla has 40 calories, 3g fat, 2g carbohydrates, 1g fiber and 1g protein, thus 1g net carbs.  Eight ounces of the Chocolate has 45 calories, 3.5g fat, 3g carbohydrates, 1g fiber and 2g protein, thus 2g net carbs.  Any way you look at it, one or two net carbs for an eight ounce cup makes an excellent low-carb, non-dairy beverage that tastes a whole lot like milk.  And this stuff is lactose and gluten free which is a real plus for many.

Taste & Smell

If you’ve noticed I haven’t called Almond Breeze milk!  Blue Diamond doesn’t call it milk either, but it tastes a whole lot like milk to me.  Matter of fact, I like it as well or better than milk with its ever so slight hint of nutty flavor.  I normally drink my cup of Almond Breeze cold with one pack of Splenda.  I can drink it straight but the Splenda turns it into a nice little taste treat that I truly enjoy and look forward to.  One could just as well add a little Stevia or other sweetener of your choice if you don’t like it plain.  Almond Breeze tastes great over some fresh berries or over some low-carb flax based cereal as well.  I’ve never tried Soy Milk or Rice Milk so I can’t really give you a taste comparison between them.

I’ve tried all three flavors but my personal preference is the Vanilla.  See, I’m a Vanilla Fan-Boy.  Maybe your a Chocolate Fan-Boy or Fan-Girl.  Not a problem since they’re all delicious and low-carb friendly.


Almond Breeze has a texture that feels a whole lot like milk when you’re drinking it.  There is no gritty or chalky stuff going on with it.  It’s a smooth, creamy texture and about the same thickness as milk.  Poured into a glass beside a glass of milk you’ll notice the Almond Breeze has more of an off-white color than the milk.


I pick mine up at Earth Fare Grocery for $2.00 to $2.50 per quart box, depending if it’s on sale or not.  Yes, the price is high in comparison to milk, but I’ve found I don’t use it in the amounts I used milk, and I’m reducing my carb intake to a fraction of the carbs in milk.  So, I personally see it as a great low-carb value.

Cooking with Almond Breeze

I have not used Almond Breeze in any recipes that required cooking, but I’ve read of those who have used it successfully in cooking, and the Almond Breeze website recommends its use in cooking.  Hopefully, some of you can chime in with your Almond Breeze experiences and share them with the rest of us.


Check out the Almond Breeze website and get the complete low-down on this low-carb friendly product.  Got milk?  The answer is NO if your a low-carber.  But now you can have the next best thing…Almond Milk.  Try it, you just might like it.  And hey, if you don’t like it you’re only out a couple bucks, and who knows, your cat might like it!


No, I don’t work for Almond Breeze, Blue Diamond or the almond industry, and I am not associated with them in any way.  I have NO financial interest whatsoever in writing this review; I don’t sell it or receive any commissions from its sale.  This is a totally unsolicited, therefore unbiased, review of a product I just happened to like and wanted to share it with my low-carb friends.  When I find something that works, I like to spread the news.

There Really is Life Without Donuts!

Ron, aka The Former Donut Junkie