You can’t change what you can tolerate! Yes, you read that right.  What a bold statement.  When you first read those seven words your immediate response was more than likely an emphatic, “Oh yes I can!”  That was certainly my response the first time someone spoke it to me as a reply to one of my very own personal Mini-Whine-Fests concerning a less than miserable job situation.  Their pungently blunt, but well deserved tidbit of sage advice immediately set my mind awhirl trying to come up with forty-eleven reasons why I could indeed change my situation, if I wanted to, and prove them wrong.  Little did I know that was indeed the intent of their piercingly revealing statement.  It was just what the doctor ordered and served as the catalyst to start the decision making process that eventually led me to change jobs.

So how does that relate to the low-carb nutritional lifestyle?  I’m glad you asked.  A few years after the job change I realized I was at my highest lifetime weight, approaching the three hundred pound mark with lightning speed.  My ankles and feet ached, I was short of breath, had severe acid reflux, blood pressure problems, sleep apnea and all the other fun stuff associated with being what is affectionately known as being morbidly obese.  In addition to the medical problems, I had to squeeze myself into a restaurant booth, could barely tie my own shoes, was running out of ‘fat clothes’ for the umpteenth time and to add insult to injury I discovered I had nearly eaten myself out of a job!  See, I’ve been a plumber for twenty-five plus years and you know that plumbers have to be able to get into some ridiculously tight spaces to work on plumbing.  I quickly came to realize that one of the unwritten cardinal rules of plumbing is to always install plumbing in places that immediately induces fits of rage and anger along with the mumbling of unspeakable four letter words.  Matter of fact, there was no such thing as cursing until plumbing was invented!

So, my lightning fast mind suddenly recalled that bold and radical statement, “You can’t change what you can tolerate!” I realized that I had indeed reached the intolerance point.  I could no longer tolerate the misery and all it’s company associated with the less than satisfying notion of seeing a BIG 3 as the first number of my triple digit weight.  That’s when one of my best friends introduced me to the low-carb nutritional lifestyle for the first time in my life.  He was “doing Atkins” and had already lost forty-five pounds, but what really impressed me was when he told me, “this is the first time I’ve ever lost weight without having to go hungry all the time.” I immediately went out and bought the book, “Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution”, and read it in only a few short days.  My life shall forever be changed.  Low-carb just works for me!  And if you give it a fair chance, it will most likely work for you too.

So, what’s the moral of yet another long winded FDJ rant?  Allow me to answer that with a question or three.  What can you no longer tolerate?  Medical conditions and symptoms, aches and pains, embarrassment and humiliation?  Wanna’ change them?  You can!  Forget the damning mindset that says “things are just the way they’re meant to be.” No!  Things are the way we allow them to be!  You heard me right, I said “things are the way we allow them to be!” And when you come to the point you can no longer tolerate the pain and misery, YOU CAN change them!  That’s right, there is hope for your situation, no matter how bleak it may seem.  But you are the one who has to take action.

Maybe you’ve been struggling with weight problems and eating disorders and you’ve been secretly reading this and other low-carb blogs just wondering if this stuff really works.  Let me tell you, it works…IF you work it!  Just like anything else in life, it requires work, and I’m not going to tell you otherwise.  But it’s worth it!  You’re worth it!  Your family is worth it!  Your life is worth it!  And, enough of the lame excuse that “I’ve tried dieting before and it didn’t work!” I’ve tried lots of things in life that didn’t work the first time or the second time or the fifth time, but I kept trying until I found what did work, and you have too.  You always pass failure on the way to success! So, get up, dust your bad self off, put your foot down and scream out, “I can’t tolerate this anymore!” You’ve just taken your first step to victory!

There Really is Life Without Donuts!

Ron, aka The Former Donut Junkie