Sugar’s Sweet Kiss of Death!


For some it’s bread, for others it’s potatoes,

for some it’s pasta, for others it’s rice,

but for me it was SUGAR, sweet SUGAR!


SUGAR in any form, SUGAR by any name,

SUGAR in any shape, SUGAR at any time,

I loved her every sweet touch to these waiting lips.


I awoke thinking of SUGAR and how I could get my first fix.

My plans for the day revolved around SUGAR and her soothing kiss.

Secretly we often met, for food eaten in secret is sweet indeed.


Sweet SUGAR…she came to me when I was but a child,

causing me to smack my little baby lips,

and cry and scream until she kissed me again and again.


SUGAR was the only one who could make me feel so good,

when the world went sour, SUGAR was always there,

to pick me up, kiss my lips and make things all sweet again.


Cakes and pies, candy and chocolate,

donuts and coffee rolls, fritters and éclairs,

muffins and pastries, SUGAR was queen!


I bowed and responded to her every beckon call,

as tightly she held me in her grips,

begging again and again for SUGAR’s next kiss to my waiting lips.


Sweet deception, sweet lies, so sweet they all seemed,

little did I know SUGAR would lead me down the path,

to sweet surrender, sweet captivity, sweet bondage.


Sweet SUGAR, I never knew she had plans so evil,

intentions to harm, thoughts to destroy,

a strategy to take my life…one bite at a time.


My movement slowed, as my body was bulging and aching.

One minute I was moody blue, the next I was in a rage.

My insides were now trembling and my hands were shaking.


Oh, where are you Queen SUGAR? I need you now more than ever!

I beg you Sweet Queen, just one more kiss to calm me and keep me!

I’m dying for your sweetness, the touch of your sweet lips!


I now see clearly your evil schemes…Liar of Liars!

A thief and a robber…that’s who you really are!

Your power is gone…you deceiver…you schemer!


Never again shall you hold me in your throes!

Never again shall you touch my lips and broaden my hips!

Listen to me Queen SUGAR…Let me tell something to you!


You can take your Evil Kiss of Death, Queen SUGAR…

Bend over, grab your ankles, and put your head between your legs…

‘Cause you can kiss your sweet @$$ goodbye!  For I am SOOOO done with you!


— Ron, aka The Former Donut Junkie, August 4, 2007