Having a Plan is NOT Enough…We Need Strategies Too!

We all need a ‘plan’ or ‘blueprint’ by which we eat; that is, foods that we can eat and foods that we can’t eat.  In my case, I’ve chosen the low-carb nutritional lifestyle as my ‘plan’ or ‘blueprint’.  It’s a plan that just really works for me because I absolutely love the ‘allowable’ foods that are on it.  They taste great and are very filling and healthy.  But loving the foods is only part of the formula for weight control success.  Even if you love your ‘plan’, you need some ‘strategies’ in order to execute it.  It’s easy to learn the list of ‘acceptable and unacceptable’ foods, but what happens when a chocolate donut is unexpectedly shoved in your face?  All that list of foods tells you is that you can’t have it!  It’s forbidden, and all of a sudden you’re now feeling deprived, and it’s that ‘Deprivation Mindset’ that can send us down the slippery slope to binging or ‘pigging out’ on the very foods that made us fat to start with.

How to deal with those kinds of situations has been the missing link in weight control success for myself…and maybe even you!  As wonderful as Atkins, Protein Power and Sugar Shock are, they don’t really deal with the battle for the thought life in nearly enough detail.  This is in no way intended as a slam against any of these fine plans, since they do exactly what they’re designed to do…give us a ‘plan’ or ‘blueprint’ for a healthy nutritional lifestyle for weight control.  That’s why I’m so excited about what I’ve learned from The Thin Commandments Diet!  And it’s actually not a ‘diet’ in the strictest sense of the word…it is more of a book of strategies for executing YOUR plan!  Only the discovery of low-carb itself has impacted the success of my nutritional lifestyle more than The Thin Commandments Diet!  I encourage anyone who has discovered that willpower doesn’t work to pick up The Thin Commandments Diet and learn the strategies that actually do work.

I’ve still got lots more to share with you about Overcoming the Deprivation Mindset, so stay tuned for more.

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Ron, aka The Former Donut Junkie