According to the media the January issue of the wildly popular ‘O’ magazine will supposedly give us all the gory details of how Oprah has once again hit the 200 pound mark.  Yes, no matter how much money, fortune or fame one has, fighting extra pounds is still a part of life.  So, why has Oprah with all her unlimited resources and many diet and exercise programs managed to fall off the wagon once more?  In my opinion, and in the opinion of dietary experts it’s because she’s been on the wrong diets all these years.

What can we learn from Oprah’s ‘Battle of the Bulge’?  Plenty!  And there is no one better qualified to give us the details than Dr. Michael Eades, author of the award winning Protein Power Lifeplan.  He’s just blogged a post entitled Oprah’s Plight that will fill you in on the cause and cure of the popular daytime TV star.  There’s a lot to learn here, not just about Oprah, but about how we can learn from her mistakes.  This was a very enlightening post for me and I wanted to be sure all my readers were able to glean the wisdom that Dr. Eades can bring to light.  So, please check it out right here…you’ll be glad you did!