Yogurt….It’s Not Just for Breakfast Anymore!


Count me in as a yogurt fan-boy!  I’ve always loved the stuff but after starting the low-carb nutritional lifestyle I saw that most of it contained too many carbs to eat very often.  And out there in the low-carb community there’s as many opinions as there are low-carbers as to whether yogurt is a permitted food.  The disagreement comes about because the label on most whole fat unsweetened yogurts shows 11 carbs per cup, but some say that’s not really the ECC (Effective Carb Count) because the active bacteria cultures in yogurt convert the lactose (milk sugar) into lactic acid and therefore should not be taken into account in the nutritional analysis.

Well, much to my pleasure award winning cookbook author Jennifer Eloff posted an article entitled ‘Include Yogurt on Your Low-Carb Diet’ this morning on her excellent Low-Carbing and General Health News blog.  She does a fantastic job of debunking the yogurt myth and giving us the facts from the scientific studies.  I’m not going to requote it all here, so be sure to click on the link and check it out for yourself.  It’s a very informative and worthwhile read!

Dairy is one of those things I love and wanted to somehow make it a part of my low-carb nutritional lifestyle.  Now of course milk can’t be a part of it since it has so much lactose but that’s OK, there are other dairy products which fit in very well.  Jennifer even talks about hard cheese being a healthy product…and I love me some seriously sharp cheddar.  I also occasionally eat some cottage cheese, ricotta cheese, cream cheese and kefir.  Lots of choices out there.  My dairy milk substitutes are almond milk or coconut milk.

Now back to the yogurt story.  Just be sure you eat the whole-fat plain yogurt if you’re low-carbing.  Sounds uninteresting and blah, you say.  Use some Splenda, stevia or one of the other many natural sweetener blends out there today to sweeten it to your taste.  Flavors….you can use one of the myriad of wonderful flavors of sugar-free syrups made by DaVinci or Torani.  Or add some berries, fresh or frozen, another great low-carb value.  Or some flax-meal or slivered almonds.  Or a little no-sugar-added coconut.  Lots of choices out there.

And one of my favorite yogurts is Greek yogurt.  It’s much thicker, richer and creamier….heavenly it is!  Try it sometime and you’ll see what I mean.  And yogurt is a great addition to low-carb protein shakes too.  Well, that’s enough of my raves about the wonders of yogurt.  Let me know what your favorite way to eat yogurt is.  I look forward to hearing from y’all!

There Really is Life Without Donuts!

Ron, aka The Former Donut Junkie


Starting Over: Week 1 Update


“The second day of a diet is always the easiest…because you’re off of it by then!”

Don’t we all know those words all too well?  Most of us who struggle with our weight have been on more diets than we can recount and lost enough pounds that we should be totally gone from the planet by now.  Well, the good news is that I whizzed past day two like it never existed when I restarted my low-carb nutritional lifestyle again.  So I thought I’d post an update after completing the first week.

What I’ve typically found is that if I can eat clean for three days straight it gives me the momentum to keep on going.  All us dieters have all have multiple starts and restarts and that’s not necessarily a bad thing and I’ll tell you why just a little later.  Some restarts lasted and some bit the dust so quick it was pathetic.  I’ve found that the times I’ve started or restarted a diet and been successful at it, I’ve had a really solid motivational factor behind it.  In July ’07  I got serious about the low-carb nutritional lifestyle because…I was tired of hurting!  I knew I needed to drop some pounds but that hadn’t been enough to motivate me.  It was when my feet and ankles hurt so bad I could hardly bear to walk that I said, “enough is enough”.  Pain can indeed be a great motivator!  So I stuck with low-carb until I dropped 60 pounds.

But as I stated in an earlier post the last six to nine months have been a struggle for me to stay on plan.  You know the drill.  You begin to allow a bite or two of things that aren’t really that bad, then you allow more and more off-plan foods until you begin to put a few pounds back on.  Recently I could feel the pain start to return to my feet and ankles so once again I decided enough was enough!  And so I cleaned up my act and started induction all over one more time.  I’ve had several false-starts in the last nine months but I feel really good about this one.

So, how am I doing with my first week behind me?  I’m glad you asked!  I had a very, very good first week back on plan.  I’ve eaten very clean.  Induction foods.  And I was handsomely rewarded for it when I stepped on the scale this past Sunday morning.  Down 6 pounds in the first seven days!  Now as everyone knows that rate of weight loss can’t be sustained for the long term, but it’s a great motivator to keep on the straight and narrow right on into week two.  That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!

There Really is Life Without Donuts!

Ron, aka The Former Donut Junkie

What’s Happened to The Former Donut Junkie?


Well, I know that’s a question many of you have been asking, so I thought “I’ve kept these poor folks in suspense long enough.”  OK….it’s really way too long!  I just realized it’s been nearly nine months since I’ve updated my blog.  That’s not a good thing for a blogger since most folks give up on ya’ after such an eternity of being MIA.  I know most of you are wondering if I’m still doing low-carb and even more of you are wondering if I’m still The Former Donut Junkie indeed.  Or have I returned to my old way of life, “fallen off the wagon” as some may say?  Uh…to be truthful there’s not an easy yes or no answer to those questions so I plan to take some time and tell ya’ what life has been like the past nine months or so.

No, I’m not hangin’ out at donut shops like I once did in my previous carb-overloaded life.  And I’m still working at the low-carb lifestyle which I believe so much in and worked so well for me.  So look for a post or two real soon with all the gory details.

There Really is Life Without Donuts!

Ron, aka The Former Donut Junkie