On Wisconsin! Broccoli Cheese Soup


Some mornings I can feel fall trying to peek around the corner, so I know that winter isn’t far behind.  If there’s one thing I love in the winter time, it’s coming home to a big bowl of hot soup.  I can’t say I’ve got a favorite, but I can truthfully say that Broccoli Cheese Soup is one of my favorites.  However, I had not a clue there was a low-carb version around until Jamie Van Eaton’s Examiner.com post popped up in my Blog Reader.  Just in time for soup season she’s provided us with what sounds like a wonderfully cheesy and easy cold weather treat.  She calls it On Wisconsin! Broccoli Cheese Soup.

I like easy recipes and I like recipes that have easy-to-find common household ingredients as much as possible and this one pretty much fits that description.  ThickenThin, a flour thickener substitute is probably not available at Wally World, but may be available at some of the whole or health food stores.  In addition, there are several alternative ways to thicken soups and sauces including xanthan gum, which I’ve used successfully.

Jamie Van Eaton is the Low-Carb Examiner for Examiner.com and also writes a great blog entitled The Lighter Side of Low Carb where she is affectionately known as Cleochatra.  Check her out and add her to your BlogRoll.  You’ll be glad you did!

There Really is Life Without Donuts!

Ron, aka The Former Donut Junkie


73/27…The Perfect Improper Fraction…or Not?


You don’t have to be Smarter Than a Fifth Grader to know that an Improper Fraction is simply a fraction that has a numerator (top number) larger than or equal to the denominator (bottom number).  So that would make 73/27 an improper fraction.  But, is 73/27 the Perfect Improper Fraction?  In all honesty, I don’t think there is any such thing as the Perfect Improper Fraction, it’s just something I made up [I just tend to be silly like that].  But now that I’ve got your attention I want to talk to you about…Hamburger. That’s right, Hamburger!

Seriously though, 73/27 is an important number to many low-carbers but the good news is that you don’t have to be a math whiz to follow me in my little discourse.  Ground meat from beef is generally graded into the following four grades or categories, according to fat content.

Ground Beef – 73% Lean, 27% Fat

Ground Chuck – 80% Lean, 20% Fat

Ground Sirloin – 85% Lean, 15% Fat

Ground Round – 90% Lean, 10% Fat

So, now you know when I’m talking about 73/27 I’m talking about hamburgers and not math.  I really didn’t do all that well in math anyway, but I did learn something about hamburgers!  After reading all the raves about the satiety power of 73/27 ground beef patties over at the LLVLC Discussion Forum I decided to try them for myself and see what all the hoop-lah was about.  I went to my local grocery store and bought five pounds of 73/27 ground beef and grilled up some hamburger patties.  They were pretty good but I wanted a different texture, so I pan fried a batch.  Still searching for a different texture I followed the advice of other seasoned low-carbers and broiled them in the oven.  Pay-Dirt!  Exactly what I was looking for.

How I Cook ‘Em! Turn the oven to Broil/500 to preheat.  I take my 18″ x 13″ Jelly-Roll Pan, that’s now lonely because I haven’t done baked goodies in a really long time.  I pat out my burger patties, generally about 8 ounces each, place them on the pan.  I broil them about 8 or 9 minutes per side.  Now, ain’t that easy?  And cleanup is a breeze.  Contrary to what you’re probably thinking, they don’t splatter all over the oven and the 1″ sides of the jelly roll pan is plenty high enough to contain the drippings [low-carbers NEVER call it grease].  Just wipe out the pan and wash it.  DONE!  You’ve got food to keep in the fridge that’s always ready when you are.

Seasonings you ask? I personally don’t add any seasonings to mine before I broil them.  I generally sprinkle a little Celtic Sea Salt on mine…that’s all…and they’re delicious.  Yes, I must admit that I am a Beef Fan-Boy!  But if you want to add your favorite seasonings before you broil ’em, help yourself, wear it out!  It ain’t gonna’ hurt my feelings.

Satiety…That Full, Satisfied Feeling. Satiety…something Donuts don’t have!  And there’s a ton of other pseudo-foods out there, mostly from the high-carb kingdom, that never fill you up, they just leave you wanting more.  Well, let me just go ahead and tell you that 73/27 Burgers are a home-run in the satiety game.  Most of the time I can only eat one 8 ounce patty, sometimes one and one-half if I’m really hungry.  And it’s usually 4 to 6 hours before I’m hungry again!  Now that’s a record for the Former Donut Junkie!

73/27 Burgers…The Craving Killer! Yeah, you read that right, with these burgers cravings are practically non-existent!  Cravings are that evil creature I lived with most of my life and never knew that there was a way to live without them.  Of course, there are plenty of other low-carb foods that have great satiety power, but I’ve just been particularly impressed with this tasty, easy to make, always ready, portable food.  That’s why I wanted to share my experience with you.  But don’t take my word for it, try ’em for yourself and see what you think.

Oh…The Secret to Their Satiety. Yes, these 73/27 patties are high in protein but it’s that 27% fat combined with the protein that keeps you satiated for so long.  Saturated fat, like lots of other real foods, has gotten a bad rap over the years.  There are plenty of scientific studies out there that exonerate them.  But we’ll save that subject for another time.

Now before I go getting all those nasty comments, let me just go ahead and tell you that 73/27 Burgers are not the only thing I eat, and meat is not the only thing I eat.  I eat a few leafy, non-starchy vegetables; a few only because I’ve NEVER been a big veggie fan [there, I said it and now I feel better].  I also eat a little cheese and other dairy occasionally.  Basically I shop the outer aisles of the super market…where the healthy foods are.  In case you hadn’t noticed, pseudo-foods mostly occupy the inner aisles.

There Really is Life Without Donuts!

Ron, aka The Former Donut Junkie